Pay attention to the instructions and the rules.

The event has a list of minimum safety equipments, which should be carried by the participant. The event organizers have a right to do random tests to check up on that participants are carrying those equipments on the course.



Tapahtuman alustava ohjelma. Tiedot täydentyvät. The organiser reserves the right to make changes. Please follow this page for additional information.

9.8.2019 perjantai / On Friday

15–22Numeroiden jako / Bib PickupKokouskeskus / Conference Centre

10.8.2019 lauantai / On Saturday

7–8Numeroiden jako / Bib PickupKokouskeskus / Conference Centre
9.00Tunturimaraton lähtö / 42km start
9.15Tunturipuolikas lähtö / 21km start
9.30Tunturikymppi lähtö / 10 km start
11.15–11.30Tunturipuolikkaan voittajan maaliintuloennuste / 21 km expected winner
12.40–13.00Tunturimaratonin voittajan maaliintuloennuste / 42 km expected winner
17.00maali sulkeutuu / finish line get closed
19.00Palkintojenjako / Prize ceremonyHotellin ravintola / Hotel's Restaurant
Event centre and Bib Pickup

The event centre is Hotel Pyhätunturi.


Kultakeronkatu 21
98530 Pyhätunturi

Bib Pickup  will be arranged at Conference Centre in front of Hotel Pyhätunturi.

You will get a map, a bib number and safety pins.
If you had ordered some additional material, you’ll receive them also. 

Map is not suitable for orienteering, but you can still follow your progress on the trail. Map will be printed on a waterproof paper so it doesn’t need extra cover.

The course is marked properly and tightly by the signs and the wooden sticks flagged with orange tape (height ~0,5 m). There is no need for navigation to complete the course.

Route and the race map

Races & Map

Matkojen tiedot / Race details

Pituus / Distance43 km21,5 km10 km
Noususumma / Elevation1 145 m690 m400 m
Profiili / ProfileLINKLINKLINK

Link to the map 2018
The map will be updated for 2019, but there won’t be major changes to the route – if at all.



= mandatory  = advisable

All series

We give you

  • Map
  • Bib – must be visible on the front side of the runner, the timing chip is included to the bib!

Bring Along

  • Working and fully charged mobile phone protected from water with race emergency phone number +358 40 6605 281 saved
  • Elastic adhesive bandage – packed water tight (minimum 6cm x 100cm)
  • Water bottle or a hydration reservoir – minimum capacity of 0.5 litres
  • Emergency blanket
  • Whistle
  • Water cup – to avoid wastage there are no disposable cups at the aid stations
  • Emergency rations – at least 250kcal
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Salt – very good aid in case of stomach problems
  • Blister patches, sports tape
  • Toilet paper
  • Shell jacket (windproof will do)
  • Compass
  • Poles / telescopic sticks – If you decide to use, they are to be carried throughout the whole race.
Aid Stations and Time Charts

Aid Stations

There are three official aid stations in general.

Karhunjuomalampi (10km, 21km and 42km)
Huttuloma hut (21km and 42km)
Latvavaara (42km)

Water, sports drinks, salty and sweet snacks are available at all aid stations. Aid stations will also take care of vegans, gluten-frees and those allergic to chocolate – at least. Please pay attention while signing up that you inform us about your special diets. Yet we can’t promise to be able to take account all special diets.
There are no mugs at the aid stations, but you can refill your own mug, bottles and/or water reservoir.
There are toilets here and there along the way but bring your own toilet paper.

Use of external aid is only allowed at the official aid stations.



The type of all the races is semi autonomy. The regulations are based on the common etiquette of Buff Trail Tour Finland and Ultra Trail Tour Finland. You’ll find more information about semi autonomy regulations in English e.g. at the site of UTMB®.

NOTE: Littering (inc. biodegranble fruit skins) can cause a time penalty or a disqualifying – depending on the disrespect of the action.



The organiser reserves the right to make changes. Please follow this page for additional information.